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Keynote Speakers

Hans-Christer Holmberg

Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre, Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Physiological & Biomechanical Limits to Human Performance: Insights from the Elite Cross-Country Skier

John Hawley

Australian Catholic University, Australia
Concurrent training: The Muscles Perspective

Guillaume Millet

University of Calgary, Canada
Neuromuscular Fatigue: Are Scientific Data Useful for Sport Performance?

Daniël Lakens

Eindhoven University of Technology
Young Investigator Workshop: Improving Approaches to Statistical Inferences for Sport Science Researchers


Mark Pfeiffer

University of Mainz, Germany
REGmon: Athletes Monitoring and training prescription

Karsten Köhler

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
Modulating of body mass & performance through dietary protein

Irene Faber

University of Oldenburg, Germany
High potential in youth table tennis players

Matthias W. Hoppe

University of Wuppertal, Germany
Load Monitoring in Team Sports

Billy Sperlich

University of Würzburg, Germany

Lars Donath

German Sport University Cologne, Germany
Neuromuscular & cardiocirculatory exercise in various populations & settings

Alexander Ferrauti

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
REGman: Individualization in recovery science

Sebastian Gehlert

University Hildesheim │ German Sport University Cologne
Resistance Exercise & Mechanical Stress: Between Muscle Anabolism, Damage & Mechanoprotection

Peter Düking

University of Würzburg, Germany
Monitoring Training Progress with Wearable Technology

Hugh Fullagar

University of Technology Sydney
All in a good night’s sleep: recovery and travel implications for sporting populations

Goran Munivrana

University of Split, Croatia
Elite Table Tennis Training & Coaching

Hannes Gatterer

EURAC Research Institute of Mountain Emergency Medicine, Bolzano, Italy
Hypoxic exposure in athletes

Florian Engel

University of Heidelberg, Germany
High-Intensity Interval Training in Youth Athletes

Sabrina Skorski

Saarland University, Germany
Sleep, Travel & Recovery

Stephan Geisler

IST University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Muscle Hypertrophy Training

Thiemo Wievelhove

Ruhr University Bochum


Christoph Zinner

University of Applied Sciences for Police & Administration of Hessen, Germany
Multidirectional sprinting in elite athletes

Simi Motion

3D Markerless Motion Capturing

Silvia Achtzehn

German Sport University Cologne, Germany
Point-of-Care-Diagnostic: Monitoring adaptation & health

Mark Pfeiffer

University of Mainz, Germany
REGmon: Athletes Monitoring and training prescription

Paula Aschendorf

German Sport University Cologne, Germany
Multidirectional Sprinting in Basketball

Michael Fröhlich

Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany

Michael Behringer

Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Blood Flow Restriction Training

Vald Performance
The Usability of Dual Force Platforms